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it’s Susan, the founder of LowerBackPain.help and a long-time sufferer from terrible pain in the lumbar region.

So glad you’ve stopped by to read this page and to learn a bit about me and my story.

Ever laid on the floor in your living room crying because of the pain in your lower back?

It happened to me a few times and I can tell you … the very moments are burned into my brain. I will never forget how I felt.

Actually, I didn’t just cry because of the pain I was having. I also cried because I didn’t know what else I could do to get rid of it.

It felt I ran out of options.

 So many doctors gave me their advice – and nothing helped.  

 So many products promised me some “secret” – and nothing helped. 

I was on the floor crying because of the devastation. Because of the horror and the fear that I would never find something to make my pain go away.

But I was also crying because of the sadness I felt.

The sadness how my old life disappeared right before my eyes. 

I tried to hold on to it, but deep inside I knew that if the pain continued to be there 24/7 my old life would eventually be gone.

(Writing this today still makes me shiver) 

Lucky me one day I did something different…

I told myself to not run with the herd.

Not to do what everybody told me to do.

After all, everything that I wanted was to stop the pain in my lower back. How hard can that be?

So I started to read everything about lower back pain and educated myself.

From that day on everything changed

Instead of being a “passive” patient – I turned to be an “active” patient.

I wanted to know everything about it.

I searched the Internet, read every book about pain in the lumbar region, talked to doctors, started a Facebook group.

And one day it hit me.

I was talking to my doctor at the time who is considered to be one of the best experts where I live on pain in the lower back (at least that was what I’ve been told).

We were talking about my pain and I was asking some questions that I had. He did not respond immediately and started talking about something else.

I asked again…

And he looked up and smiled at me. Embarrassed.

“You’ve been reading about this?” he asked.

It hit me right there: this top medical expert wasn’t able to give me an answer.

 Because he just didn’t know. 

It was then when I realized that the team of doctors around me were just doing their “back pain routine” and did not really care about what it was that caused MY pain.

But if that “routine” is not helping – what is? And who can really help me?

The answer was easy: I can only rely on myself.


So I started my journey to become pain-free again.

First I didn’t know where to start. Sure, I read all the books and websites about it. But putting it to action is something completly different.

So I told myself to try and error my way forward and test everything that could potentially help.

And that’s what I did.

I tested well over a hundred (!) products that promised help.

Expensive as hell. I can tell you that.

It took months of testing, frustration, and – I have to admit – tears every now and then.

But eventually, I found out what helped me and my back pain.

And it’s not just some products that worked. Along the way, I found some secret gems that are completely free but can do wonders for your back.

And then it was finally there:

My first pain-free day.

I remember It as if it was yesterday.

My husband Frank looked at me and started to smile when he realized I was not in pain anymore. It was one of the happiest moment of my life.

If you have lower back pain (no matter the cause or if you’re in constant pain or not) you can do it too.

Let me write this again because it is so important and I truly believe it:

You can do it too!

I set up this site to help others that go through the same hell that I went through.

Believe it or not but I strongly believe that all the knowledge I gained over the years should help others as well.

Why keep it just to me?

Why not show other people the shortcuts I discovered?

These were the questions I asked myself once I realized that what I know is not specific to me – but can be helpful to others too.

So what does it take?

First, to become “active” instead of being “passive” actually is not that hard to do.

But it’s not a path for everyone.

Because it takes guts.

It’s sometimes scary as hell.

And I don’t know if it works for you as well as it worked for me (after all I am still 100% pain-free).

So if you think about going against the herd LowerBackPain.help is for you.

And I promise you I do what I can to help you. Because I passionately love what I do.

I wake up every day, excited to help others get their normal lives back.

My work is my life – and I want it exactly like that.

So where to start you ask? (Good question!)

I give all my information away for FREE via my Emails.

This is the best way to get all the information and learn more about me and what it was that helped me become pain-free again.

So sign up for my Emails below and I will start sending you everything I know.

Again: it’s 100% free and I will certainly never sell your Email Address (I hate these unnecessary Emails as much as you do!).